Genesis of DISHAAI

The last NEP changes happened 28 years back. In this period significant changes have taken place in the Indian economy, and the world at large. It is in this context the new NEP wishes to gear India towards the demands of the 21st Century, with Quality, Innovation and Research forming the pillars on which India will become a knowledge super power.

Today, career is not about just a job, education or a skill…its about one’s passion and the desire to fulfil ones dreams. Like, You-tubers, Gamers, Hackers, IPL, Radio Jockey, Organic Farming, Yoga, Nano Engineering, Robotics, Coding, Healthcare etc. We know how complex choosing the right career can be for students stuck between the usual vocations and the new age professions. This has led to the birth of DISHA!

Prime minister's vision as DISHAAI's mission

  New NEP Policy: Specifies the following:
Holistic Student Assessment Program (HSAP)
  • This program incorporates a blend of multiple streams of assessments – SAR + SAP + SEP
  • Student Assessment Report (SAR) – Based On Our Decades of Research on Assessments
  • Student Academic Performance (SAP) – Yearly Student Academic Performance
  • Student Engagement Platform (SEP) – Captures Students Experiences, Observations and Interests In A Seamless Manner on a Regular Basis



DISHA’s – AI based Student Assessment Report (SAR) will help to build and guide an alignment between what students ‘Love to do’ and what they ‘Want to Achieve’. It assures them that they can build successful careers, based on their passion, irrespective of how unconventional it could be.


Most of the parents are already DECIDED on their children’s career irrespective of their strengths and interests. Our AI system helps to give clarity on what their children strengths and Interests are. It gives information about suitable careers along with the list of subjects, activities and skills which the students can pursue. Parents are urged to explore their children along the recommendations and support them in achieving their aspirations.


A key focus area of NEP is transforming the 'quality of teaching’, where teachers will be empowered to lead the change. SAR identifies a list of subjects where the students need to explore beyond their curriculum and subjects where they need more support. Teachers have a unique opportunity to nurture the students according to the above suggestions, and improve the overall academic performance of the students. This ultimately improves the Teachers performance in the school and among the peers.


NEP helps schools to take a giant leap forward by re-configuring the academic delivery. The pedagogical and curricular restructuring will enable schools to support and guide students per their interests and strengths, identified by SAR. Schools can set up the required resources, infrastructure, and support systems to not only enable students & teachers but also create a niche and a brand in the academic circles. This promotes the school branding and attracts more students, government grants and accreditations.


    DISHAAI Differentiator

  • The ONLY AI based platform in alignment with the NEP guidelines and expectations.
  • Combines 50+ years of research and 30+ years of global IVY league experience to develop a simplistic and accurate system applicable across all tier schools of India.
  • Not just a ONE-TIME solution, but involves CONTINUOUS ASSESSMENT based on the Child’s growth in terms of Academics, Exposure and Experience.
  • Student Assessment Report (SAR) involves 7 different types of analysis before arriving at the Career Alignment for students.
  • Ease of testing, analysis and personalised-reporting in quick time.

Our Team

21+ years of Global Experience

Columbia Business School ,Strategic Leadership - Harvard Business School Strategy & Operations Consulting Global Leader, CPG Industry Leader

Leader as Coach - Columbia Business School (Mentor Board) People Strategist, Managed Global Change rollouts. Setup and Ran Multi-M$ global business units, Visiting Professor - IIMs and other reputed Universities Strategic Advisor and Mentor to Entrepreneurs


Prahalad Karnam

Co-Founder & Director

15+ years of Global Experience

Business Analytics Professional,

Visiting Professor – REVA and other Universities Coach and Mentor to Indian & US Insurance Professionals

Corporate Member – NASSCOM Lifetime Corporate Member - AIMS


Syam Ivaturi

Co-Founder & Director



  • I like how in-depth it was. Not just, "what are you interested in?" but how your personality and personal preferences play into a career fit.


  • I was in cross direction towards my career choices. Thank god DISHAAI guided me the right career which suits my characteristics.


  • This is a great tool! It is extremely accurate as well. The assessment report has given me a great chance to align my parents and teachers in one go.


  • What an amazing tool to help you understand yourself and get an idea of your potential that you're suited for!.


  • I really felt happy how the counselor cleared all my doubts with patience and interest. The CAR helped me understand my strengths and gave a detailed insight on right career paths.